Diceborn Heroes: A Co-op Dice Adventure Game

Created by Diceborn Games

1-4 Player Co-op Dice Game inspired by Japanese RPG's. 60-90 mins. Ages 10 and up.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 27: Happy Holi-dice!
about 5 years ago – Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 11:41:06 PM

Diceborn Story mode

Hi guys, with the holidays swiftly approaching i thought I would take a moment and talk about the recent updates and ability for people to customize and make their own stories in Diceborn Heroes. 

The Quests you go on are going to be set up into "Legends" each with their own boss right out of the box. Whenever you play through in following games you can set them up to randomly determine what each quest will be or you can set up your own "Legends" We are going to put some of our favorite matches into the rulebook as well to reference in following playthroughs, and all of the kickstarter quests will also fit into it as well. 

Dice tower redesign

We have also took the time to look at our design of dice towers and those who have got to see and play with them have offered some suggestions. We have decided to switcch our securing mechanism from just a pressure fit to a magnet secured grip. This lets us widen the opening by a few millimeters taking out the doubled wall that was used for the pressure fit, and makes sure that over time it should still close and stay closed if you are storing dice in it. We are hoping to see prototypes of the new design soon.

Current projects


refining some new quest mechanics with testing, map design, PnP files hosting, box insert design, dice modelling.

Thanks again guys hope everyone has a great holiday! See you all in 2018!

Update 26: Unfortunate delays
over 5 years ago – Thu, Nov 02, 2017 at 08:19:42 PM

We are shipping March 2018

Due to some unfortunate delays mostly my fault. We are not going to make the christmas deadline that I had hoped for. With new content needing time to finish and dates not lining up for our artist. We had to push things back and now with christmas holidays and then Chinese new year in February I am going to say that a safe date to expect it is March 2018. I'm being very generous there is a good chance it could be before that however i want to allow time for worst case scenario. 

What does this mean for shipping? We are going to leave the address changes open into 2018 and post more updates as information comes in. Digital downloads are now pushed back to top priority, going to get those out soon, then we have dice tower and tokens to get into production while we wait for the remaining artwork. Now that we have that business out of the way there is also some good news.

Every good adventure starts with music

We got the first samples back for some of the music for the app, I am really pleased with the simple theme that builds up to a swelling fanfare. We are going to have a selection of Boss and battle tunes available. Looking into the app design the easiest way to get it available to everyone is to have it as a web based widget that you can access from our website. Any web enabled device should be able to get it played for anyone who wants to have the soundtrack playing.

Extra Life Play for Charity

We are proud to be a part of the Extra Life Charity for Children's Hospitals. We are doing a 24 Hour game live stream of various board games and Video Games to raise money for the Alberta Children's hospital Saturday Nov 11th. As part of the challenge we are also running Diceborn Heroes at 7PM MT. If we manage to reach our goal of $200 we will show off a new quest that was unlocked and the new classes.


Twitch LiveStream:

If people have anything they want to see for the livestream feel free to comment below. That's it for today heroes! Until next time.

Update 25: FallCon People's Choice Winner
over 5 years ago – Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 12:33:23 AM

FallCon People's choice award winner 2017

Hi Everyone! We are excited to announce we have won the People's choice award for new game of 2017. In honor of that we are keeping the pre-orders open until the end of the month. This will be our last Con of the year while we focus on production and fulfillment.

FallCon People's Choice 2017

Illusionist Level Backers Hero portraits

We are organizing all the photos for the backers at the LVL 6 Illusionist level and there are still a many backers at that level who haven't sent their photos yet. Please send a well-lit photo and indicate the desired classes in the email and send them to: Also anyone who has not completed the survey we are approaching the time where we are looking to close those surveys at the end of the month.

Purchasing a 2nd copy of Diceborn Heroes

For backers who are looking to purchase a second copy of Diceborn Heroes i was offering the option to waive the additional shipping costs for that copy. With the current weight calculation set up for shipping it would be difficult to adjust that pricing structure and remain accurate, so instead anyone who is purchasing a second copy please message me here and i will provide a credit for the difference in shipping.

Until next time Heroes...

Update 24: Thank you Video!
over 5 years ago – Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:31:24 AM


A big Hero Thank you video

Hi guys! After a bunch of editing I've finally uploaded a big thank you video listing of all the names of backers that were submitted in different cities along our trip to GenCon. It ended up being alot more fun then doing it all in one shot. You can check it out here:

The Silverfang was unleashed!

The alternate Ranger pet promo card is now available to add for those who are not able to make it out to convention events or have left over funds on their backerkit rewards. It is not required to play the game but gives another choice for players who want to use the Ranger's ability. It has more health but doesn't have the same blocking ability as the Silverfang that is included.

Future Conventions

Now that GenCon is done we have a few more conventions lined up this month. shown below:

KefCON - Edmonton, AB - Sept. 1 - 3

FallCON - Calgary, AB - Sept. 22 - 24

That's it for now but there is always possibilities for more. If you plan on visiting in either of these events mention you are a backer and you can pick up one of the Silverfang promos.

Videos at GenCon

We did a couple interviews and demoes while at GenCon you can check them out for a quick preview.

Bower's Game Corner:

BoardGameGeek Preview Day 4:

We should have some more production info in the next coming weeks as we prepare everything for printing samples. Until next time heroes!

update #23: post GenCon wrap up
over 5 years ago – Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 05:47:28 PM

This is a quick update after our GenCon show, I'm on the road back and had an amazing time there, we did 3 sold out Learn and Play events and got to meet a ton of backers and new fans of Diceborn Heroes.

I have 2 more days on the road to get back home but I wanted to update on a few questions. The Kickstarter is still on track to reach its intended December date for most backers, I will have a better idea what the timeline is once we get files sent over. Also the Silverfabg promo card will be available as an add-on thanks to popular demand, you can adjust pledge manager to add that card in. Finally we will be closing the pledge manager September 10th. So there will be a reminder to update your address and stuff before then. If there is any need for an address change in between let me know.

Until next time Heroes!!