Diceborn Heroes: A Co-op Dice Adventure Game

Created by Diceborn Games

1-4 Player Co-op Dice Game inspired by Japanese RPG's. 60-90 mins. Ages 10 and up.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 72: May your dice be merry and bright!...
almost 3 years ago – Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 02:55:34 AM

International Shipping

Merry Christmas everyone! It has been a hectic month, I hope everyone is a safe and happy holiday. While we had shipped out the vast majority of games, I had hoped to have every game shipped before the holiday, unfortunately with the Holiday rush the shipping was out of my control. We managed to get all but the revised list sent out at least. There is a chunk of less than 100 backers who missed the initial list due to time constraints. I plan on finishing shipping to all those remaining in the out next week. Apologies for those that had hoped to receive in time, your game is still coming.

For EU and AU backers I had mentioned it without going into detail in an update last year but when we had imported the games for shipping we had chosen to opt out of EU and AU warehousing for friendly shipping. The reason for this was in fact the contract and why we changed shipping partners. The warehousing contract came with a condition that if warehousing costs were missed that the games stored there would be confiscated. Seeing the financial constraint and timeline for us to get through this, those games would have absolutely been lost if we had not stored it all locally. I had not been clear about that when I touched on that before as much as I should have been, that the government import taxes are still in effect for international shipping to those areas.

Hero pack information

I wish to take a minute to clarify how the Hero Pack expansion is added into the core game. There are a set of monster cards included. Those cards are added to their respective decks for all future games. These monsters have other unique abilities and conditions. The remaining quest specific items and ATK cards are included with their respective quests and are added as indicated during the gameplay of those quests. The Hero cards included are branched out on the "Upgrade path" of the new starting class of Acrobattler. However for more experienced gameplay I recommend the alternate levelling option for your Level 3 hero card of shuffling the corresponding deck of hero cards and drawing 2  from the bottom with a die symbol on the back of matching color as your current hero card. This process is explained in the instruction sheet of the Campaign pack but is not required.

I hope to have an updated FAQ ready for the new year along with some more video content with some additional digital downloads for backers. I looking forward to sharing more soon and I am hopeful for a brighter happier new year. Until then heroes....

Update 71: Everyone will have their game by Christmas!
about 3 years ago – Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 03:08:30 PM

The games are on their way!

Greetings Heroes, I'm glad to see a majority of you have started to receive your games. It's been a busy month but we are getting close to finishing fulfillment. I just want to again express thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter, I'm excited to see people posting their first experiences with the game. I have set a deadline that everyone who backed it will have their game before the holidays this year. That means that we are now focusing on getting the international shipping out by next week, then moving onto US and Canada. 

I will be sending out some notifications for people with outstanding invoices that need to be cleared and missing information so we can keep things moving. You can always check your information by going to  and logging into your pledge manager.

Tokens are coming back!

I have also asked to get a small batch of additional acrylic tokens sets made to get those back in stock, I will have them added back to the Pledge manager store most likely next week when i can confirm how many we can have available. They were highly demanded so I do not know how long they will be up for but I will post another update when they are a back in stock. I also know there is a demand for the dice towers as well. I am going to look into getting those added also, fingers crossed.

KS Campaign pack clarification

I have seen some  confusion on some missing cards or mislabled cards in the campaign pack. I had gone over in a previous update but I decided to add it here as well.  

The Title card for "Enter the Temple" inventory shows 4x Barricade cards are a typo, they are the 4 "falling Rubble" cards. 

The missing Darkness cards and the extra "Peril" cards were swapped in quantities. I have added the additional missing cards in the SOG pack but have recommended that those without the pack swap the 3x Peril cards into the Above and below questline and the  1X "Darkness" card into the Mysterious Carnival questline and use them as if they were the other named card in their games. 

Campaign treasure pack hero cards also have unique upgrade paths on the back of the cards for the new classes that are included You may completely replace the old Level 1 hero cards with the new Level 1 hero cards and some of the level 2 heroes were given a 3rd copy of the same card to bring the total to 3 heroes for each class .

Secret project...

As copies go out I have included a hidden message about an upcoming project I am working on, one of the few hidden surprises you can try to find, I am really excited about it as the scope is something I have not seen done yet but has potential to have amazing table presence and bring you into the game. I can't wait to share more with you next year.

Until next time heroes.

Update 70: This is not a drill!
about 3 years ago – Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 06:25:17 PM

Greetings heroes! It’s been a while since I’ve had some good news to share but here we go. We are all set to ship out the remaining copies of Diceborn Heroes starting next week. That’s such a huge relief, and super exciting to get out to backers.

What do I need from backers? We need to confirm addresses are correct. I will take messages up to Sunday for new address changes before submitting the files. Also if you want to help us with the costs for shipping we are still offering the hero SOG packs which adds a bunch of content and the errata’ed cards. If you wish to add that feel free to message me on here or at [email protected]

Otherwise if your info is up to date you don’t have to do anything, we will be getting the out to you shortly along with my sincere thanks.

Although it has been a rough ride. I’m still proud of the game that has come from it and look forward to hearing about the adventures you guys have with it.

Until next time Heroes!

Update 60: Shipping momentum
about 3 years ago – Thu, Oct 01, 2020 at 03:08:58 AM

Greetings Heroes! It’s been a while since our last update, although things have been busy I have not been able to ship out as much as I would want to in August and September we are atleast still shipping copies. I put any work money I earned into shipping what I can I’m hoping to pick that up in October. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. I’m putting everything I got into getting these games out! If there are any address changes please email me at [email protected] so I can update it.

I have also been revamping the website to be a much more interactive experience, ill be posting the soundtrack there, along with a newsfeed and more options.

Also I plan on “virtual attending” the Awshux virtual convention, running some games on the Tabletop simulator extension., ill also be participating on a panel with some other designers where I want to go over my experience with Kickstarter and I definitely have a lot to say.

I hope to have more info for you soon about new developments but for now. Stay safe, and be well.

Update 68: The one where we ship your games
over 3 years ago – Sun, Aug 02, 2020 at 08:18:49 PM

Happy Shipping Week!

Greetings Heroes! It has been a busy 2 weeks on the Diceborn Heroes side. First off was a ton of shipments being sent out. Having a window open for us we packed as many copies as we could ship in the last 2 weeks managing to get around 300 copies out the door to backers. A lot of you should be receiving tracking notices either today or beginning of next week. A big thanks to our shipping partner who helped open up this time slot to get them out the door. A big thank you for your patience in this matter, we should hopefully get another chunk out the door in August as well, which might be the remaining total of games, since there is only about another 600 to go. 

Secondly new Digital files are being uploaded for the final PnP file on Backerkit with the new SOG cards included. Also I have set up a community discord channel for those that wish to try out the Tabletop Simulator Extension made by Happy.Thoughts who volunteered their time to help out. Just download Discord and follow this link to join in.

GenCon Online 2020 Events

It's been a fun day running demos for the GenCon Online event, it had been months since I got to sit down with it with others and teach people. We had alot of good feedback so I will be running an open Campaign Sunday starting at 11AM MTN / 1PM EST switching in new players as we can.  Jump into the Discord server if you want to take part in the battle.

More shipping news to come, until next time Heroes!