Diceborn Heroes: A Co-op Dice Adventure Game

Created by Diceborn Games

1-4 Player Co-op Dice Game inspired by Japanese RPG's. 60-90 mins. Ages 10 and up.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 67: Happy Canada Day!
over 3 years ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 12:03:56 AM

Happy Canada Day!

Greetings Heroes! Hope you are all doing well. I'm posting a quick update on our shipping progress. Many people have sent emails offering to help and I greatly appreciate it. After last update I was hoping to get another shipment going right away but shipping woes have caused a lot of backup on their end, so I was holding off on pushing payments through until i was certain. I am still waiting on a confirmation list from our shipment in May but. I have decided to proceed with another shipment wave, I'm hoping our 2-3 week turnaround is still achievable. If you wish to join in you can e-mail me at [email protected]. Alot of the people emailing to help with shipping the game have new payment info than what is on their Backerkit page. Please go to and confirm your CC information is up to date, it helps save time.

GenCon is now online

People have been working tirelessly to keep conventions happening online, although Origins online event was cancelled the next one appears to be GenCon online for the weekend of July 31st. I have setup Learn and Play Events. We will be using either Tabletopia or Tabletop simulator. I have been trying to refine the Tabletopia portal and another backer has offered to help with the Tabletop simulator version.

A word to backers...

Whenever there is a success story it is never one that is made alone. Each person has a support network of people who have got them there along the way, that goes for a lot of things in life, and seeing people who have stepped up in these troubling times to help those in need and let their voices be heard, it's good to see that not all heroes are fantasy. I want to thank you all for being understanding in this process, and hopefully will all get to enjoy the game soon. 

Thank you all,

Keith D

Update 66: Waves are moving
over 3 years ago – Mon, May 25, 2020 at 01:51:53 PM

  Let's shake things up!

         Greetings Heroes, by now most of the people who helped contribute for shipping have received their games that represents half of the shipment done. I definetely want to thank our shipper and you guys for helping out. I have been a little backlogged on questions and I want to see if we can create some momentum on these shipments now. I'm still hoping to get a loan to help out, as games get moving the amount required is hopefully gonna be easier to acquire. But those that wish to jump in and pay the cost it is greatly appreciated and will not be as delayed this time. For those that wish to help with shipping to get their game expedited email me at [email protected]


         Virtual Conventions

          I'm getting an online version of the game ready for playtest and I'm glad to announce that Diceborn Games will be joining Origins Virtual expo on June 19-21st. There will be virtual play through events for those familiar with tabletop simulator software and I'll post some of my design thoughts on the process of creating the game. I will also be joining the UKGE virtual convention in August 21st-23rd. It's good to see that there are still ways to play games together even while staying far apart. I will post an update in june and players can let me know if there are any issues with the setup.

         Hero Add-on questions

         I got some questions on the hero add on cards and wanted to clarify.

  1. The additional Darkness cards are meant to complete the set of 3 Darkness cards for the “Above and Below” title card. You should now have a correct amount of Darkness cards and 2 additional peril cards which can be used to increase the difficulty of quests.
  2. The new monsters included are meant to increase the variety of monsters in the monster decks, they can be shuffled in to their corresponding decks.
  3. The King's Ransom Title card indicates that "Fate Compass" should be a part of that quest when it should read "Battle Boots". The actual quest cards are correct.

Until Next time heroes!


Update 65: Happy Easter!
over 3 years ago – Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 02:59:05 PM

Happy Easter!

Greetings Heroes! Hope everyone is having a safe holiday considering the circumstances. I thought i would drop an update on the current status of our shipping. 

Thank you for everyone who reached out with messages and emails wanting to throw in support to get their games shipped. It was such a huge success I could not get back to everyone who had reached out to me. Apologies if I didn't get to your messages, but it has been taking a lot of correspondence to guide people to how they can contribute, I had to limit the amount that was sent to make sure it was sent promptly. To help assist this in the future please make sure your payment and address info is up to date on the backerkit page. You can edit it at  . Unfortunately you are not currently able to add the shipping costs yourself, Backerkit page does not have that feature once the orders were set to paid, which was done a while ago, lessons learned.

Currently, I can confirm they picked up 2 pallettes worth of game boxes this past week, that are planned to be shipped this week. Those that contributed for the difference in shipping costs can expect to see their shipping notice this coming week, shipping should not take long once the notice is sent. I will be setting up another shipment for the end of the month this month for those that wish to still help and contribute the difference in shipping costs. I will be going back through and messaging those that messaged earlier last month to get them included still.

Shipping exclusions

Unfortunately with our current global pandemic situation we have to be much more careful with packing and sending things internationally. While most shippers are still hard at work maintaining shipments, I have learned that shipment options to Italy is no longer an option at this point. Those that paid for early shipping in Italy, I will arrange for a reimbursement of your additional early shipping contribution. Hopefully we can get to a point where the borders will open up again.

Future plans...

While in self quarantine I have been taking a bit of a break on the things I can't control, and working on new prototypes. It's been really great getting to try out new ideas and at some point I will be set up to get some digital files set up for blind playtesting! Also I have been trying to get the game set up in a digital format for Tabletop Simulator which has proven to be a great tool to connect with others who aren't across the table. It would be great to get it on all online tabletop gaming platforms to help get the game to people when they are stuck at home.

Also future shipping plans, I am trying to see if I can qualify for the emergency business loan as a small business affected by the pandemic, It's not a certainty but if that can come through then it would help finally complete what I set out to do, which again, a big thank you to everyone who has been with me for much longer than I originally asked of you. Until next time Heroes!

Update 64: Self Isolating and emailing
over 3 years ago – Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 01:33:47 AM

Shipping Continues!

Greetings heroes! I hope everyone is safe out there. I have been trying to catch up with emails from backers looking to get a hold of the game while staying safe indoors. A lot of people have expressed interest in playing the game while they are stuck indoors, I am pushing to help make that a reality. I am commited to shipping out all copies but in an effort to get them out sooner than later I am going to continue with a few assumptions:

1) Those that have contributed to get the Hero packs wish to be added to this most recent shipment to get their full pledge delivered in this next shipment for the difference in shipping costs (8$-26$CDN) Majority of them being on the lower end of cost. Those that wish to be opted out can email [email protected]

2) Other people who are emailing to get added to this next wave of shipping are fine with contributing  the difference in shipping costs and have it added to their backerkit pledge manager. (80% of backers will be 20$CDN - 25$CDN countries in non american or EU areas are 25 - 45$CDN). 

This will greatly reduce the amount of correspondence required and let me keep focused on getting the list correct and getting things organized for shipping. If you wish to opt out of these please let me know. Also Please double check that all your payment info and address info is correct. Backers are still able to edit their payment info, to edit the address most backers will have to be individually unlocked first.

The hope is that backers who add the cost for shipping will have the game shipped within the next 2 weeks. Those that don't will still get their copies but I'm hoping to have the remainder shipped out in 2 additional waves.

I hope you all stay safe and get to enjoy the game soon! We will get through this, stay optimistic.

Update Long overdue
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 10:17:20 PM

First, I apologize for the lack of recent updates, as this has been a trying couple of months. Although there is no excuse on my part, please know that I am working almost continuously to complete this project with you and finish what I have started. Lets not have these silent weeks again.

 To say that I have struggled with this endeavour is an understatement, and although some of the challenges that I face seem bleak as i continue to be hit with every worst case scenario, I continue onward with shipping.

 So far, I have been unable to find anyone who is able to assist financially with the Diceborn Heroes project. I am still exploring personal and business loans while working with my accountant to find potential solutions. I have also spoken with several publishers about potentially taking on the risk of helping me complete the first leg of the Diceborn Heroes project without any success so far. Distributors also have not been open to new games to add to their catalogue, I was really hoping i would have good news with this to show but alas nothing yet.

 To be honest, despite these issues you all are the only ones who have really been there continuously supporting me despite my delays. Your support and messages continue to be mostly positive thus far. So, thank you.

 It all seems so close to completion and I’m working with a Canadian Fulfilment team to work on shipping solutions. Still, the cost of shipping is still proving to be the most difficult part. With over 1000 copies yet to ship with varying costs between $20-50 depending on location, it does add up to be quite a bit compared to what We raised and collected for shipping. It didn’t help that I made the mistake of collecting shipping costs through Kickstarter which took 3% of that along with backer kit that took an additional 5% of what we raised. All of this of course, is compounded on the change in shipping costs from the original campaign to today’s shipping prices.

 We have made some progress though! We recently shipped out to 60+ backers who sent additional shipping fees to help out, and I plan to continue doing so until another solution becomes available. So, please let me know if you are willing to pay for additional shipping and I will make sure that you get your game promptly. I will be re-opening the pledge manager for those who wish to pay for the shipping costs. If you have received your copy and there are issues with it, please contact HubTrotter Logistics ( for support and they will work with me to make sure that you get what I promised. We will send out another wave of shipping at the end of the month.

Hero packs have arrived!

 Some more good news! About 400 of you have already offered your support by buying our new hero Expansion pack!  Those cards have now arrived and are also ready to be shipped with your game ships as well. If you have already received your game and are waiting on your SOG pack, I will look at sending yours out shortly.

For those that added the SOG cards to help with shipping and wish to get expedited shipping still, I will subtract the costs of what you paid from our costs in good faith.

More Reviews

If you missed it we had another great review done by The Cardboard Kid. It's a great showcase of the components included in the game as well as a good introduction to the rules and gameplay.

 Bare with me while I continue to work this out. As I do fully intend to finish this project successfully with you all. Thank you again for all of your help, support, and continued feedback. If you wish to contact with questions or wish to jump in on the next wave of shipping you can email me at [email protected]. Until next time heroes!