Diceborn Heroes: A Co-op Dice Adventure Game

Created by Diceborn Games

1-4 Player Co-op Dice Game inspired by Japanese RPG's. 60-90 mins. Ages 10 and up.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update 57: So many boxes!
over 4 years ago – Sun, Sep 01, 2019 at 12:41:01 AM

Greetings Heroes, sorry for the late update. We have now secured all the packages from Panda Games as of last Wednesday and are trying to come up with a plan of attack for how we are going to most efficiently ship everything. We have had a successful local pick up event and there are still a few steps before we can begin shipping. We need to get the Hero Card expansion printed and delivered to us to ship with the game and we need to use this extra time to raise the remaining balance required for shipping everything. For shipping, our logistics partner is going to break down our load into 6 shipping districts and we will be pushing those out one at a time. We should hopefully have a breakdown of our shipping plan next week. You guys have all been the sole reason I have been able to make this game possible and I am determined to get the orders to each and every one of you, it's just more feasible to do it in waves. I know it's tough that some people have access to the game before others, please bear with me during this process. 

 More Local pick up events

I will be doing a few more local pick up events in September. These are the dates, I will hopefully have more information on locations for these soon, There are also other pick up events in the works but I will post those when I have more concrete info.

Sept 15th -        Calgary    - Dickens Pub                               - Noon - 4pm 

Sept 22 -         Edmonton  - AB Design and Game awards - TBD 

Sept 27-29       Calgary    - FallCon Convention                    10am - 10pm 

Oct 4-6         Vancouver   - SHUX Convention                     - TBD

Card errata

Now that a few locals have access to the games we would like to address some card errors that were discovered in the KS campaign pack:

1) Above and Below Quest cards referring to "Darkness" cards are meant to refer to "Peril" Cards

2) Mysterious Carnival Quest cards referring to "Peril" Cards are meant to refer to "Darkness" Card

3) Labyrinth Boss Card referencing "Barricade" cards is supposed to reference "Falling Rubble"

I am looking into adding the corrected versions of these cards to the hero expansion card pack to print and ship alongside the game and correct these errors.

Hero expansion pack update

Thanks to all those who have added the new hero card pack to their order there has been 500+ claimed since we came up with it and we exceeded our goal of 100+. We still have card packs available to purchase, please message me if you are interested in adding it for $16CAD / $12USD . We are currently getting the print files finalized.

A new Hero preview: The Gembinder!

The Gembinder. In the world of Dievalice the magical gems heroes use are incredibly valuable and only a few have the ability to unlock their true potential that's where the Gembinder comes in. Gembinders can craft more dice and give them to heroes also their abilities let them overcharge their dice to do extra damage to foes or defending attacks. These heroes are an incredible asset to any team of heroes either as an offensive powerhouse, a Defender, or as a utility character to give dice to others. You will find the Gembinder with 3 other heroes in our Heroes expansion pack! Until next time heroes!

Update 55: Games have arrived!
over 4 years ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 02:03:55 AM

The games have arrived locally!

Good news! The games have arrived locally and they are a week early! Early is a word I haven't heard often so I'm taking this moment to celebrate at my desk. The games are ready to pick up so I am scrambling to get our pick up and temporary storage situation managed. Ideally the storage solution won't be needed for the long term. Once we get this figured out we can start boxing indivudual orders and updating you on our shipping plans. I would like to thank everyone on helping me get this far I've had some backers really step up and help out throughout the campaign and even more so now. As well as everyone who added the expansion to their pledge! I have found some people's messages that got lost in Junkmail for some reason so I am going through them now, please have patience if I had missed you earlier I will go back through and make sure everyone gets updated.

GenCon Next year!

As a bunch of you are shuffling through the halls and playing games, I hope you have a blast. I unfortunately could not attend this year as there's lots being done at the moment, however I plan on attending next year to make up for it. I am also planning on picking back up the convention circuit in Calgary at FallCon and in Vancouver at SHUX. Those backers who are attending cons and haven't received their game by then will certainly be able to pick them up there Sept/Oct.

A new hero is on the Hunt!

Our next new hero makes use of the Bounty cards in the game, I would like to introduce the Bounty Hunter!

In the great history of Boba Fett and DOG, The bounty hunter is a great assisting character to have on your side. They can put marks down on enemies and get additional bounties when those enemies are defeated. They also can cause other effects when heroes target enemies that are marked. This hero will be exclusively available in our pre-order Expansion pack along with 3 other heroes and 2 new Quest lines. You can pre-order it at If your order is still locked, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or message me here on KS and I will get around to unlocking everyone.

Until our next update heroes!

Update 54: New cards New adventures!
over 4 years ago – Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 02:06:20 AM

Update on the Card Pack!

 Greetings heroes, first of let me thank you again on your continued support. Since we have announced our new Card Pack we have had over 300 backers add-on the pack which is huge. It has been difficult adding it all manually but it will be worth it in the end. For anyone else who wishes to add this new pack to your order, the easiest way is to message me on KS or e-mail [email protected] and I will add it to your order.
 We are going to submit our order tomorrow so expect cards to be charged then. We are getting enough printed to have some extras available while we get ready for shipping so get yours soon while we are still including it with the shipments!
 Speaking of shipments we have a date for our local arrival for the entire shipping crate of games. They will be arriving August 7th. We will be reboxing them here and sending them off within a few weeks from then. We will be shipping them in waves so that we can maximize our efficiency cause they aren't doing any good sitting in warehouse storage. Now lets talk new heroes!

New Hero Class highlight: The AcroBattler

Soaring through the air, these martial artists are notorious for flipping the tables on a battle. Unlike other heroes who have a minimum die requirement for some of their attacks. The AcroBattler has a maximum value for some of their attacks. Their special attacks being 3 or under gives them the amazing opportunity to perform an attack early then flipping the die to the opposite side to perform the attack again at a later time. This flipping mechanic changes their ability to be targeted and also lets them get the drop on monsters.

This class is also a new Level 1 class. So you can start the game right out the gate with this powerful pugilist.

One of my new favorite hero classes to play, Do not underestimate their relentless attacks, this class and 3 more yet to be revealed will join our 28 other classes in Diceborn Heroes!

Update 53: Ahoy we have set sail!
over 4 years ago – Tue, Jul 09, 2019 at 02:17:19 AM

The games are on their way!

Greetings Heroes! I have good news again. The copies of Diceborn Heroes have been loaded onto the boat and the boat has set sail as of 2 days ago. We are going to receive all copies of the game in approximately 30 days and begin repacking and sending out copies to backers. The first leg of the journey has been tough to line up but it begins! 

For fulfillment, our priorities are to try to raise the missing funds in this month at sea. I have been humbled by backers continued support reaching out on how they can help, it really is the reason I can keep my head high. Our priorities are to locations where we can deliver the most games at the least overhead cost. If we do not have the full amount by then we will deliver in waves. I am confident we can get all the games out, I am putting all my personal funds into it. 

How can you help?

The best way to help is share word of mouth with other people who would be interested in the game or to add a copy to your order for a friend. I have reopened a lot of the pre-orders, I have spoken with Backerkit, and they do not have a way to easily reopen all paid accounts, so I have done alot of them manually, anyone else who wishes to add to their order send me a message on here and I will get to it ASAP. You can go to the link right here: 

If you go to the page you will see something new!

A New adventure awaits

I have been working on new heroes and stories for future expansions, and I spoke with our manufacturer and they can fit in a limited print run of a small pack of cards in a matter of weeks. We can get this boxed and then air freighted over to deliver with the rest of the games. The cost of getting this should be pretty low and if we can sell 100 of those it will be a big help in getting everything shipped. So what's included in the pack?

 NEW - SOG Hero Card Pack Expansion

We have 2 new Quest Lines each with their own Boss cards

4 new Hero Classes

3 new Items and 3 new ATK cards

8 new Monsters to include in your monster decks.

This will be a pack of 30 cards of additional content for Diceborn Heroes and we're looking for $ 16CAD / $12 USD for the card pack. This is an easy way to help us get across the finish line with this in one piece. We still have the Tip Jar there available for donations if you feel sympathetic to the situation. We are also using this opportunity to get some more Custom hero artwork done. For those of you who wish to get your likeness included on a card. This is limited to just the first 20 who order. These hero cards will come with your likeness on them. You can get yours in there for $90CAD / $69USD. Both of these options are now available on the BackerKit page as add-ons, 

These are some of the ways you can help me get everything shipped. There will be another bi-monthly update soon. I can't wait to get these out to everyone. Until next time heroes.

Update 52: Every problem has a solution...
over 4 years ago – Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 02:45:42 AM

Sorry for the update delay

Hello heroes,

First, I want to thank you all for your almost infinite patience as a backer for my first game Diceborn Heroes. Your support, has really helped me realize my dream of becoming a self-published game designer, and I look forward to the day that I can complete my first quest in this role with you.

Today, I am writing to give you an update. It’s been almost a month since my last update, and a lot has happened. I’ve also done quite a bit of soul searching as a result of some of the challenges that I have encountered over the last year leading up to today’s update. This update is nothing short of raw, heartfelt, honest, and a path forward.

We have a new fulfillment partner

First, I have some good news. We have finally secured a fulfillment company to handle the logistics of fulfillment and our goal of getting you all your copies of Diceborn Heroes. The logistics to ship the copies of Diceborn Heroes from the factory overseas is underway. I have been told by my manufacturer and my fulfillment company that the process has officially been started and that shipping from China to the distribution is a go.

That being said, I would like to formally apologize to you for delays in my responses about this situation. In all honesty, I was working through various unexpected problems. As a first-time publisher I continue to seek help and advice from local publishers, entrepreneurs, and mentors in my circle. Some decisions that I encounter have not been easy problems to solve by any stretch.

The money problem

The main problem that we are dealing with is that we have come up short on funds to fully complete fulfillment. While none of the reasons are excuses, they do require some careful forethought before I act on a solution. Here are the reasons why we are in this position:

  1. Since we collected shipping funds from you over 2 years ago with compounding delays in the manufacturing process, the price to ship each unit has drastically increased.
  2. In addition, I have recently discovered that Backerkit had improperly calculated some shipping costs in varying countries. Thus, leaving us short.
  3. The recent trade wars and impending tariffs have also caused us to re-evaluate fulfillment options to avoid hefty additional import costs.
  4. Even some of our final manufacturing costs with our vendors had increased slightly from their original quotes.
  5. As a first-time self-publisher, I have also made some oversights and have discovered some unforeseen costs with respect to fulfillment and logistics even though I have been watching cash flow diligently.

    Throughout all of the problems that we’ve encountered I’m still here fighting the small business fight. The good news is that we have options:
  6. As the company owner have started the process of securing debt funding to make up for cash flow shortfalls.
  7. We are also looking at potential investor options to help move our company forward beyond this point, and give us options to grow in the future as a successful board games publisher.

We’re also working very closely with our vendors to help minimize costs.

Making it right!

I’ve asked a lot of you since we launched the campaign for Diceborn Heroes. I know that it’s been a long wait for you, and a tough battle for me, but I’m doing everything that I can to ensure that we come out on top. For those of you who are interested and willing to help, we have come up with a couple of ways that you can directly contribute to our success.

  1. If you did not chose to receive the stretch goals during the campaign (unlocked heroes and quests), you may add those to your pledge as an add-on for the Kickstarter price of $5. This would go a long way to helping us fill the gaps in the cost of fulfillment.
  2. Additionally, we have also reopened pre-orders for anyone that wishes to buy the game or that missed out on the campaign as well.

    I do want to sincerely apologize for my recent lack of communication. Behind the scenes, I have been working very hard researching and coordinating solutions to the problems that I have encountered with the single goal of getting my game in your hands.

    Of course, I am always open to ideas from you, my community. Despite your understandable frustrations, you have been a huge encouragement to me throughout this process.

    I want to thank you all for you all for your patience. Please expect more regularly scheduled updates going forward as I work to earn your continued good faith.


    Keith Donaldson
    Diceborn Games